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Consumers are becoming increasingly more health conscience, reading the labels and ingredients before making choices about which foods to purchase. Food producers, though not mandated, are choosing to label their Non GMO and Gluten Free products to increase awareness about how their products are manufactured and set their products apart on the shelf. 


GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organisms. Simply put, the use of GMO’s in your foods means the food has been engineered by gene splicing and other biotechnology techniques before reaching your table. Most often, GMO’s are considered unsafe for human consumption. In America, almost 80% of food products contain GMO’s, effecting not only consumers but the environment and agricultural industries.

Gluten Free 

In 2007, the FDA proposed that food manufacturers can label their products Gluten-Free only if those products do not contain any of the following ingredients: Wheat, Rye, Barley or crossbreeds of any of these ingredients when combined, are not processed to remove gluten.

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Gluten Free Labels 1" x 1"
White Gloss Paper 500 p/roll


Gluten Free 2" Circle
White Gloss Paper 500 p/roll